Account Signup & Setup

Account Signup

Access Path

Click on the webpage link

How to create an account

How to create an account

1. Go to the link
2. Click on the signup button.
3. Provide name, email id, mobile number, and required password in the required space
and click on Create Account

4. An OTP generated will show up in the given email.
5. Entering the OTP correctly will direct you to a Login page.
6. Once done, it will take you to the payment page.

7. You can see 2 options. 

a. Become a paid member

1. You can choose the number of users and periods from here

2. Click the Proceed to Pay button.

3. Choose a payment method and pay the bill

b. I would like to try it for free.

1. You can use free trials for 14 days.

8. Once done, it will take you to the login page.
9. Use your mobile number and the password you have created to login to the account next time.